Being a native to Florida I have spent a lot of time in the beautiful outdoors. I have worked in the construction industry since the age of 16 with my summers being spent working for masonry companies. This is where my passion for delivering nature beauty to you was born.

After graduating high school I continued on the construction path, taking every opportunity to learn and grow as a natural stone mason. All Custom Stone and Tile was launched in 2009 and the focus of the business was natural stone. Working as a subcontractor for leading pool companies and directly with homeowners on remodel projects we have developed many natural stone master pieces.

I love to dream up the imaginable and create natural stone structures that feel like they were pulled straight from a mountain side and placed in your outdoor environment. Each natural stone structure is built to be a piece of art! Using the newest design software I will personally create you a rendering that will allow you to in vision the outside that is your kind of beautiful!



Our team of natural stone masons never seize to amaze us with the passion and art they put behind every project they complete. They each have their own strong point that allows them to work as a team and power thru a job, efficiently and with great precision.